Good people that are moving forward and doing good things often attract others like them, good people doing good things. Monica Brant and I have been friends for close to two decades; you could say we know each other well. So when Monica calls with some news about someone she wants me to meet and talk to, I don’t hesitate because I know that someone will be and an exceptional person doing exceptional things.

She introduced me to a beautiful, intelligent, and very caring woman, a Military Veteran, and a determined and courageous soul that is the founder and CEO of a Non-Profit that is doing something unique. So unique in fact, I am not aware at this writing of any organization using this approach to dealing with veterans living with the affects of PTSD.

Stephanie Gatas founded The Pink Berets to help female veterans living with PTSD. Stephanie points out that women and men deal with emotions and issues like PTSD in different ways, so she started The Pink Berets to help female veterans with PTSD.

The standard protocol for the treatment of PTSD involves medication, and while the medication can mask the problems, it is not a long-term solution. The Pink Berets use non-chemical methods of treating the participants of their programs and the success they are having proves the value of the program.

To learn more about The Pink Berets, you can visit their website.

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