Close To The Heart

July 5, 2018 Terry Goodlad Good People

Colombia is close to her heart. But America is home. Her mother was born and raised there, it’s where her family is from. But the former Miss Nevada Latina, Francoise Renteria, lives in Las Vegas

Finding My Dad

December 7, 2017 Terry Goodlad Good People ,

Dad. It’s an important job. The most important one. I was eight years old the last time I called a man dad. He had adopted me after marrying my mother. It didn’t work out for

A Truly Big Man

September 17, 2017 Terry Goodlad Good People ,

There are limits to what the human body can withstand. And there are men that, for little more than the sheer pleasure of doing so, thrive on pushing their bodies beyond those limits to a

Nicole Castiglioni – Simply Wonderful

June 21, 2017 Terry Goodlad Good People

Some people just have you at Hello. Ana was busily managing her Blessed Bodywear booth at a Natural Bodybuilding Contest when Nicole Castiglioni approached her. She visited politely for a moment then with all the

The Northender

October 19, 2016 Terry Goodlad Good People

Tomorrow they will hold a memorial service for one of the most influential men in my life. He will be celebrated by his family, friends and the city that loved him, and that he loved.