More Than Just Being There

August 15, 2016 Terry Goodlad Good People

On June 26th of this year, I turned 57 years old. I was told years before by some experts that I would be dead by the time I was 57. Nothing motivates me more than

Hermosa Colombiana – Francoise Renteria

August 10, 2016 Terry Goodlad Good People

Sitting less than comfortably on a trendy metal chair designed by a sadist with impeccable taste, I waited patiently on the patio at Leone Cafe for a young lady some friends wanted Ana and me

Lindsay Roach – Profile

August 4, 2016 Terry Goodlad Good People

When she graduated high school Lindsay Roach left her family home in California and moved to Las Vegas to earn a college degree and run. Track is her passion, her event is the 200 meter

My Girls

July 27, 2016 Terry Goodlad Good People , ,

A strong and happy Family means a great deal to me. As an only child from a broken home, it’s something I didn’t grow up with. My wife, Ana Tigre, was raised with a much

Ashley Shoultz – Profile

July 26, 2016 Terry Goodlad Good People

Like a fully-developed Rotweiler tenuously held at bay by a thin nylon leash and a well-manicured yet authoritative hand, Ashley Shoultz glides her white 2016 BMW X5 eDrive gracefully into place in front of Total

Monica Brant – Profile

July 23, 2016 Terry Goodlad Good People

There’s a problem with outstanding success. We tend to focus on the result. We miss out on the years of hard work and sacrifice it took to get there. It’s the journey that can teach

Sophia Drysdale – Profile

July 19, 2016 Terry Goodlad Good People

One glance at Sophia Drysdale tells you she is an athlete. The second glance, and a second glance is inevitable, tells you that she is a beautiful woman with an enigmatic smile, both bright and

Creative Minds

July 9, 2016 Terry Goodlad Good People

Creative people are an odd bunch. They see things differently, ask odd questions, think of things few others would have cross their minds, then they blow you away with the things they create with that