Day One – Again

October 19, 2018 Terry Goodlad This Week

I have never missed more than a handful of workouts in the past 45 years but this past year I have hardly trained at all. There have been a lot of day-one’s and very little

Work Hard, Have Faith, and Dreams Come True

May 9, 2018 Terry Goodlad This Week

I spent my sordid youth doing manly things like fighting, hunting, fishing, camping, lifting weights, being a S.W.A.T. cop and riding motorcycles wherever the road would take me. If I were to be candid here,

This Isn’t Easy

April 10, 2018 Terry Goodlad This Week ,

A few days ago Ana posted a picture on Facebook of Jesse along with two little girls that have come to live with us, sitting together on our sofa. We now have three kids under

Little Miracles

February 15, 2018 Terry Goodlad This Week

Children. The very thought of having them can terrify some guys. When Jesse came to live with us January 7th, 2017 and me looking at the north end of 57 years old, I’ll admit I

Back At Square One

February 10, 2018 Terry Goodlad This Week ,

Last year started off with a bang. Jesse moved in January 7th 2017 and the following four months spent adjusting to diapers, bottles, and a little soul that commanded every free second we could spare;

A Shot On The Desert

January 26, 2018 Terry Goodlad This Week

This shot didn’t ring out, despite my father-in-law and I doing a little target practice on the desert a couple weeks ago. After we had packed up our guns and started driving home, this filled

Why Boxing Is Better

December 9, 2017 Terry Goodlad Fitness, This Week ,

Images of rubber-nosed old men with their faces bent and battered, morosely muttering away as they empty the spit-buckets and sweep the day’s gatherings from the dimly-lit boxing gym floor; leave us with a less