The Girl

December 5, 2017 Terry Goodlad This Week , ,

She is the reason. For most things I do as I think about it. Amidst all the rest she is there, soft, beautiful, and her way of walking through life diminishes the biggest of problems,

Winter At The Beach

December 4, 2017 Terry Goodlad This Week ,

It can get chilly in Las Vegas during winter, and windy. So while the drive is long, traffic is heavy, and it’s often a three movie trip for Jesse, we frequently make a trip to

The Barber Shop

November 22, 2017 Terry Goodlad This Week

It was the early 1960’s, and there was a barbershop just a few feet away from the door to our apartment. I was fascinated by the the place. It was busy, mysterious, and alive. There

Running Back To The Water

September 17, 2017 Terry Goodlad This Week

I was up before four in the morning that day, I had an early appointment in Los Angeles and still needed to make the four and a half-hour-long drive across the hot and barren Mojave

Cheating Death

August 13, 2017 Terry Goodlad This Week , ,

In the past two years, I’ve said a final goodbye to over a dozen buddies and acquaintances of mine. All were around my age, and almost all of their deaths were preventable. Had it not

Do Not Go Gentle

June 18, 2017 Terry Goodlad This Week ,

Do Not Go Gentle Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their

Interview With Rapper Elicit

April 4, 2017 Terry Goodlad This Week ,

When he was seventeen years old, a skinny white kid named Mike started rapping. He was good, really good, but the world was different back then. The internet was new and was certainly not developed