Something I’ve Wanted To Do For A Long Time

December 26, 2016 Terry Goodlad This Week

I would have rather eaten cockroaches or torn out my fingernails with pliers than sit there – all suited up and sophisticated and surrounded by people with pink hands. I was in my mid 20’s

New Channel Art

December 15, 2016 Terry Goodlad This Week , ,

I flew Old Glory as my channel art for a few months, I am very proud of my country of choice. I had this image of Ana hidden away for a little while, I was

I Can See Clearly Now

October 26, 2016 Terry Goodlad This Week

Every morning I get out of bed early to get a jump on the day. It’s usually dark outside. The sound of my feet hitting the cool hardwood floor is the same every morning. So

Sophia Drysdale Moving Up

October 10, 2016 Terry Goodlad This Week ,

Four time Pan Am and three time World Champion and the first Australian female Jui Jitsu Black Belt Sophia Drysdale announces her move to Bodysport Fitness Center in Las Vegas. You will love the Auzzie

I Don’t Want Comfortable

October 6, 2016 Terry Goodlad This Week

I think comfortable is the great deceiver. It’s the thing that tells me that I’ve done enough. That the next thing isn’t necessary. That it’s time to “sit back and enjoy the fruits of my

The Last Class

September 26, 2016 Terry Goodlad This Week

At 5 pm yesterday Ana and I and six other couples walked out of a government building, the institutional kind reeking of a we-have-no-budget-for-that kind of frugalism. The kind of place that immaculately dressed politicians