But Can They Dance?

July 31, 2017 Terry Goodlad Video

Ana and I spent Saturday together shooting Denitza Freigher and her two amazing daughters for Blessed Bodywear. That included a tour of 3 locations and Whole Foods to use the bathroom. The rest is just

She Was Right!

July 1, 2017 Terry Goodlad Video ,

I was never supposed to survive to see my 58th Birthday. But even when things looked the bleakest, Ana Tigre refused to believe that my health issues could not be turned around. In 2001 I

Tough Day At The Office

June 26, 2017 Terry Goodlad Video

Ana and I are in Southern California for a couple more day shooting for Blessed Bodywear. The new shorts are in and we couldn’t think of anyone better than Nicole Castiglioni to model them for

She Cracks Me Up

June 25, 2017 Terry Goodlad Video ,

There aren’t many people I can spend an entire day with in the car but I could go to the moon and back with Ana and still be laughing. We were up at dawn and

Shot Show!

January 18, 2017 Terry Goodlad Video ,

Shot Show is a huge trade show for Military, Police, Government, private security as well as the outdoor sporting industry. It’s all about the equipment including guns, ammunition, knives, clothing, boots, and it’s closed to


January 9, 2017 Terry Goodlad Video ,

On Saturday we took placement of 4 month old “Jesse”, our foster son. We are not able to reveal his real name publicly due to confidentiality regulations, and out of respect to his family, so

Straight Talk About Training

January 7, 2017 Terry Goodlad Video ,

Forget the magic diet and magic training program. It’s really very simple and I explain the basics in this episode of my Vlog then I hit the gym for a workout at City Athletic Club

Mark Smith Kicked My Butt

January 5, 2017 Terry Goodlad Video

Mark Smith and I have been friends for many years. We used to train MMA together. It’s been a while so we decided to hit his gym, Syndicate MMA, for a workout on the weights.