New Channel Art

December 15, 2016 Terry Goodlad This Week , ,

I flew Old Glory as my channel art for a few months, I am very proud of my country of choice. I had this image of Ana hidden away for a little while, I was

How Ana Tigre Made Me A Better Man

September 1, 2016 Terry Goodlad This Week

I’m a meat and potatoes kinda guy. Where I come from a conversation about the environment is called a talk about the weather, that men have and it’s conveined in a coffee shop. They serve

More Than Just Being There

August 15, 2016 Terry Goodlad Good People

On June 26th of this year, I turned 57 years old. I was told years before by some experts that I would be dead by the time I was 57. Nothing motivates me more than

My Girls

July 27, 2016 Terry Goodlad Good People , ,

A strong and happy Family means a great deal to me. As an only child from a broken home, it’s something I didn’t grow up with. My wife, Ana Tigre, was raised with a much